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Frequently Asked Questions



FrequentlyAsked Questions

No ! But customs formalities exactly the same as when dealing with traditional EU exporting countries.
The official currency is the LİRA. Our company holds EURO, USD and Lira accounts for your convenience.
If you are already importing from EU countries, importing from Turkey will be the same. For further information, contact your local Chamber of commerce.
Once you conclude a first purchase, we will provide access to our exclusive Hub, which provides complete and advanced online trade services. Or you need to fill form for become customer.
Though we constantly expand our offered brands, there are few categories of automotive suppliers we do not trade, these include Diagnostic tools, Accessories, Repair tools, Tuning parts, Used parts, Everything else, we do trade!
The local ports of Varna and Burgas deal with international container traffic. Additionally, the ports of Thessaloniki, Athens and Rotterdam provide considerable alternative routes.
Once we have received your total payment of invoiced goods (due balance) and your information about who will be collecting for you, you may send your transporter for pick-up from our premises. Our sales team will provide you with our pickup protocol guidelines to help you with the process.
Our offices and warehouse are at the same address location; you can refer to our contact page for full details.
We hold corporate accounts with which details are found on all of our PRO FORMAS and INVOICES.
You are most welcome to do so, we kindly ask you to first contact us to arrange the best date and time for both of us. We look forward to seeing you!
Of course they do! All traded goods are covered by the standard 24 months EU legal duration guarantee.